The objects in this collection are excavated around the 1930s, from tomb M60 in the Liu-li-ko cemetery, Hui-hsien, Honan and tomb M1 in Shan-piao-chen, Chi-hsien. Both tombs belong to the Eastern Chou period. 
Tomb M60 in the Liu-li-ko cemetery measures 5.8 m east-west by 4.7 north-south. Located at the center of cemetery, it certainly is a tomb of the ruling class with abundant accompanying burial artifacts. This tomb is dated to the Middle Spring and Autumn period (mid seventh—mid sixth century B.C.) or slightly earlier.Tomb M1 in Shan-piao-chen is the largest tomb in the cemetery, with the largest number of accompanying burial artifacts. Measuring 7.4m east-west by 7.1 north-south, it is one of the medium or large tombs of Eastern Chou. The tomb M1 dates back between the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods, i.e., the mid fifth century B.C. or slightly later 
The extravagance of these ceremonial objects tells the luxurious lives of the Eastern Chou aristocrats, and reveals the great degree of sophistication in craftsmanship and developments in the arts at this time.