Inscribed Plastron Ping 0368
Inscribed Plastron Ping 0368
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Inscribed Plastron Ping 0368

The divination made on kuei-ssu (the 30th day of the 60-day calendar cycle) inquires whether it will rain in the “first month”. Based on this oracle, the Shang king predicted that it would rain 4 days later on ping-shen, 10 days later on jen in, 12 days later on chia-ch’en, 17 days later on chi-yu, and 19 days later on hsin-hai. This can be treated as a “weather forecast” for a whole month.
Item No.
Late Shang Period
18.2(L)×10.7(W) cm
Pit YH127, Hsiao-t'un, Anyang County, Honan Province
Turtle Plastron

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