Inscribed Plastron Ping 0533
Inscribed Plastron Ping 0533
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Inscribed Plastron Ping 0533

The divination on the day of wu-tsu (the 25th day of the 60-day calendar cycle) foretasted that it would rain on the day of ting-yu (the 34th day). It was very likely that sometime on ting-yu, rain had yet to be seen, so King Wu Ting double checked the piece of turtle shell and reconfirmed the prognostication. As expected, it rained in the evening. It is quite unusual to find a record stating that a prior prognostication was re-consulted.

Item No.
Late Shang Period
9.6(L)×10.3(W) cm
Pit YH127, Hsiao-t'un, Anyang County, Honan Province
Turtle Plastron

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