2023 Summertime in the MIHP - 只有你知道喔!
2023 Summertime in the MIHP - 只有你知道喔!
2023 Summertime in the MIHP - 只有你知道喔!
2023 Summertime in the MIHP - 只有你知道喔!
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2023 Summertime in the MIHP - 只有你知道喔!

Don’t stay at home and vegetate in this summer heat! There is fun to be had here at the Museum of the IHP!

Let’s keep it between you and me, but this summer the MIHP Story House is featuring “The King Demands Hot Water” and “Lend a Han-d with Storytelling” alongside the MIHP Amusement Park’s “This Is How You Play with Oracle Bone Inscriptions” popular card game. Stop on by the MIHP to beat the heat, enjoy a few games, and revel in artifacts from the Shang and Han dynasties.

Shh! Keep it on the down low. The number of participants is limited, so act fast and reserve your spot today!

One, two, three. From this summer heat, feel free to flea;
Four, five, six. At the Museum, get your game fix;
Seven, eight, nine. Enjoy together, both yours and mine!
Let the MIHP be your reprieve from the summertime!

⊗Contact: Ms. Wang, 02-2782-9555 ext. 825

║MIHP Story House║
The King Demands Hot Water
July 15 (Sat.), 2023, 14:00–15:30
Join us this summer at the MIHP Story House and listen to how the bath-loving king of Shang freshened himself up while taking a look at his exclusive toiletries!

Event Page and Registration: https://museum.sinica.edu.tw/en/events/197/

Lend a Han-d with Storytelling 
Aug. 12 (Sat.), 2023, 14:00–15:30
The MIHP has created this magnetic teaching tool for exploring the stories within Han paintings and is organizing this event for heroes from all over to lend us a han-d in discovering what fun awaits!

Event Page and Registration: https://museum.sinica.edu.tw/events/199/

║MIHP Amusement Park
This Is How You Play with Oracle Bone Inscriptions
Are you familiar with oracle bone inscriptions? Have you ever learned how to write oracle script? Now how about enjoying them as a game?
The MIHP’s popular oracle bone inscription card game, with novelty and amusement baked into every card, is an energizing experience which will help you learn by simply enjoying a game and have fun during your visit. Allow the MIHP to tell you: “This is how to play with oracle bone inscriptions!”

Session 1 Date: July 19 (Wed.), 2023, 14:00–15:30
Session 2 Date: Aug. 23 (Wed.), 2023, 14:00–15:30

Event Page and Registration: https://museum.sinica.edu.tw/events/198/