Last Testament of Emperor Kangxi
Last Testament of Emperor Kangxi
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Last Testament of Emperor Kangxi

In the Qing dynasty, when an emperor passed away, a last testament was announced in order to appoint a successor to the throne. On December 20th, 1722, the Kangxi Emperor died and, in his last testament, he proclaimed Yinzhen his heir. This document is crucial to scholars attempting to determine whether or not the Yongzheng (Yinzhen’s reign name) Emperor ascended to the throne by fraudulent means.
Upon the passing of the Kangxi Emperor, his last testament was delivered by Longkodo. As imperial last testaments in the Qing dynasty were written in both Manchurian and Chinese, it was very difficult and therefore highly unlikely that the phrase “juwan duici age In Jeng” (literally 14th son In Jeng in Manchurian) in the last testament was changed into “duici age In Jen” (literally 4th son In Jen in Manchurian). As the official last testament of the Kangxi Emperor was announced long after the Yongzheng emperor has secured his rule in the imperial court, it was difficult to verify whether Kangxi’s last will was indeed altered.

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A.D.1722, Qing dynasty

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