Dedicatory Inscription by Jiang Boxian
Dedicatory Inscription by Jiang Boxian
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Dedicatory Inscription by Jiang Boxian

Jiang Boxian began the dedicatory inscription by praising the Buddhist enlightenment as formless and shapeless, and we can only barely describe its magnificence through our mundane languages or images of the Buddha.  Vowing to honor the Buddhist sutras and images and taking refuge in them are deemed as the most meritorious deeds and the most viable way to escape from the abyss of misery.  It is noted on the dedicatory inscription that Jiang was born into a prestigious family and was devoted to the Buddhist studies and practices.  Hoping for good karma and future happiness, Jiang made a pledge in benefiting all sentient beings by constructing a huge statue of Maitreya Buddha.
The inscription also indicates that the construction took approximately 8 years to complete, and that the temple was as exquisite as the Jetavana monastery.  We can therefore assume that the original stele was a record of the huge construction undertaken by Jiang in the hope of a good afterlife.  
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Unearthed from Yanjin, Henan

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