The organizer of the 3rd National Art Exhibition held in Chongqing on December 25th, 1942 requested that artifacts from Yinxu be exhibited. After careful consideration, IHP director Fu Ssu-nien decided only to exhibit oracle bones from different periods along with detailed explanations, and have Tung deliver them in person. Tung chose fifty items that best represented the style of inscription in each of the five periods from Pan Geng (c. 14 BC) to Di Xin (the last king, mid-11th c. to the early 12th c. BC). 

While the venue may be far from Chongqing, we are again displaying these pieces in Taipei in the hope of recapturing that moment in 1942. The exhibition also contains the results of the continual work of piecing together oracle bones from the last fifty years. The original parts of rubbings are shown in black, and the newer ones in a lighter shade for differentiation.

The exhibition emphasizes Tung’s contributions to oracle bone studies. His periodizations were major breakthroughs in the methodology of the field. Through this exhibition, we commemorate his hard work and achievements, and hope to familiarize visitors with the Shang dynasty, the styles of inscription on oracle bones, and the artistry of Tung’s oracle bone script calligraphy.