Mr. Tung Tso-pin (1895-1963) was a great scholar notable for his work of discovering and studying oracle bones from Yinxu, Anyang.  He was also widely known and appreciated for his calligraphy in oracle bone scripts. Served as the second director of the Institute of History and Philology at Academia Sinica, Tung devoted himself wholeheartedly to the studies of oracle bones and Chinese archeology. It was truly unfortunate that the Institute of History and Philology for the past had failed to collect works of our beloved former director. 

Professor Tai Jing-nong (1902-1990), a renowned contemporary scholar and calligrapher, had a lifelong acquaintance with Mr. Tung.  Calligraphic gifts from Tung to Tai not only are displays of Tung’s beautiful calligraphy, but also are symbolic tokens of the friendship between these two famous literati. The meaning and significance of these works, therefore, are beyond words. 

As both Mr. Tung and Professor Tai have passed away for quite some time and to maintain the integrity of these collections as a complete set, the original collector of these works has therefore decided to sell these works back to the public hands. 

After finding out the causes behind and in the hope of promoting Chinese culture, Mr. Lee Li-yu, general manager of Le Midi Hotel, and his wife, Ms. Ho Hsiu-chen, offered to generously cover all the required expenses for the Institute of History and Philology to acquire and permanently collect these works by our former director Tung Tso-pin. 

The special exhibition showcases our complete collection of Tung Tso-pin’s work from this donation, and once again, we would like to express our greatest gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Lee for their dedication to the preservation of cultural artifacts.