VI Reimagining the Future of the MIHP-4
VI Reimagining the Future of the MIHP-4
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VI Reimagining the Future of the MIHP-4

“Emperor Says…” Paper Tape feat. “By the Mandate of Heaven, the Emperor Hereby Decrees…”
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VI 文物館的再想像-4
21st century
16 x 10000 mm
VI Reimagining the Future of the MIHP
Exhibitions of cultural relics at the Museum are sources of aesthetic notions, inspiration for design concepts, and databases brimming with ways of thinking.
The cultural and creative development here at the Museum is a creator of styled products, delightful playthings, and social media content.
The educational activities held at the Museum are unrivalled experiences and a new horizon to be viewed outside of the classroom, as well as containing an energy beyond one’s expectation.
But what else can the Museum be? It is a foundation on which to pursue knowledge to the end; it is an exhibition space, a setting in which limitless creation can take place; it is a creative convergence that arouses the imagination. Within your own imagination and creativity, what kinds of possibilities does the future Museum hold?

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