ARTefacts: Shang Dynasty Weapons Doodle Workshop - Session 1
ARTefacts: Shang Dynasty Weapons Doodle Workshop - Session 1
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ARTefacts: Shang Dynasty Weapons Doodle Workshop - Session 1

“What kinds of weapons did people use when fighting in battle during the Shang dynasty?”
“What do the shape of a person’s head on and the curved lines running across Daji’s bronze battle-axe mean?”
“What are the weapons used by people in the Shang dynasty made out of?”
There are seemingly infinite questions about Shang dynasty weapons, but to get some answers, come on down to our Doddle Workshop!

By having participating children doodle and color in Shang dynasty weapons, this activity helps children observe and understand the forms and decorative designs of weapons from an earlier time. After completing our drawings, we will explain the functions, ornamentation, and materials of each weapon, as well as guiding participants through an exhibition to view unearthed artefacts. Through this more lively and hands-on activity, we hope to impart specialized knowledge regarding Shang dynasty weapons to all participants.

Registration: Please register online. Each session is limited to 10 participants.
For successfully registered participants who are suddenly unable to attend, we kindly ask you to cancel by emailing or calling us in order to avoid affecting this and future activities.

Activity and Registration Websites:
Session 1 (May 15): http://museum.sinica.edu.tw/events/128/
Session 2 (May 22): http://museum.sinica.edu.tw/events/129/

Remarks: The Museum will provide each participant with drawing martials of crayons and colored pencils. If you have additional needs, we kindly ask that you make your own preparations ahead of time. Each participant will receive 1 set of Shang dynasty weapons coloring paper and a paper Daji doll.

COVID-19 Guidelines: In accordance with the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, the real-name registration system will be implemented. Masks must be worn for the duration of the activity, and attendees are required to have their temperatures taken, sanitize their hands, and fill out a contact information form when entering. Those unwilling to do so will be refused entry. Thank you for your cooperation.

Contact: Ms. Wu, 02-2782-9555 (ext. 827)

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