​​​​Inscribed Deer Skull Chia 3941
​​​​Inscribed Deer Skull Chia 3941
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​​​​Inscribed Deer Skull Chia 3941

Significant Antiquity

This piece was unearthed during the third season of the Institute's excavations at the Ruins of Yin. Tung Tso-pin argued that the inscriptions on this deer head were carved in the tenth year of King Ti Hsin of the Shang. This item together with Chia 3940 are the only two inscribed deer skulls so far unearthed. The scripts are used in the emblem of Academia Sinica.
Item No.
Late Shang Period
10.5(L)×12.5(W) cm
Hsiao-t'un, Anyang County, Honan Province
Deer Skull
(Only its photo is displayed in the The King’s Menagerie: Animals in Oracle Bone Inscriptions exhibition venue)

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