Museum policy

※ Visitors are adsvised to sanitize hands and wear a surgical mask throughout the whole visit. 
  • Smoking, eating, and drinking are forbidden in the museum.
  • Please do not bring pets or dangerous goods into the museum.
  • If you wish to take photographs in the museum, please turn off flash and do not use selfie stick.
  • For the safety of yourself and other guests, running, chasing, jumping, and tapping on glasses are prohibited.
  • The temperature in the exhibition hall is kept at around 20(68). It is therefore suggested that visitors dress accordingly.
  • The museum reserves the right to restrict the number of visitors attending at any one time.
  • There are human skulls being exhibited on the 1st floor. Please avoid the display if you are not comfortable with such contents.
  • In the event of an emergency, please follow the instructions of the museum staff and leave the museum in an orderly manner.

Tour guide

Chinese regular tour

  • 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. on opening Saturdays. No reservation is needed.
  • When open lectures are held in the afternoon, the tour will be shifted to 10:30 a.m. of the day.
  • The annual Academia Sinica Open House Day falls on the last Saturday of October. Guided tours are stopped on the day for special events to be held. 

Group Tour

  • Chinese / English guided group tours are available on opening days (Wed., Sat., and Sun.) by reservation online. 
  • The group size must be over 15 people and below 70 people.
  • Reservation is required two weeks in advance. To cancel the reservation, please in form the Museum 2 days in advance.
  • The Museum reserves the right to cancel the tour for a group with less than 15 people present, or arriving 30 minutes late or more without advance inform.
  • Please access the reservation page via the "Book a Group Tour" button below, click "reserve" on the date you selected, submit the completed form, and wait for our email notification.
Book a Group Tour

Audio guide

Artifacts at Your Fingertips on LINE

1. Open LINE > Add Friends > Search ID: @010wveub
2. Enter the Fingertips on LINE
3. Enter the Guide Code of the area you would like to visit in the Chat with our MIHP official account.
4. Table of MIHP Guide Codes
5. After entering your desired Guide Code, all available audio tours of artifacts from the respective area will appear. Select the artifact you wish to listen to, and the audio tour will begin.
6. When enjoying your tour, please wear headphones or listen at a low volume near your ear to avoid disturbing those around you.

Listen to artifacts at your fingertips on the go while on LINE!
Add Friends on LINE Fingertips on LINE Guide Code

Getting here


To Dr. Hu Shih Park Stop: route 205, 270, 306, 620, 645 (sub.), S1, S12, or Blue 25 (about 2 minutes’ walk to the museum).


Take Bannan or Wenhu Line to Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Station, then transfer to bus route 205, 306, 620, 645 (sub.), S1 or S12 from MRT Exit 5.

By Car

  • Due to the limited parking space, please take advantage of public transportation. Parking fees are charged according to the regulation of Academia Sinica.
  • For driving directions, please refer to ⇨Academia Sinica location on Google Map.
  • Motorcycles are not allowed in the campus. Please park in the provided parking area nearby Academia Sinica.

Train or High-Speed Rail

To Nangang Station

Zhongxiao East Road Exit: transfer to bus route 270 or Blue 25.

Nangang Road Exit: transfer to bus route 306.

Shimin Boulevard Exit: transfer to bus route S12.



Descending from the second floor, visitors will enter the “Archaeological Space” on the first floor, with the aroma of underground archaeological fields. Divided by many glass walls, the exhibition space turns into several corridors of time; Lung-shan Culture, the ruins of Yin, West Chou and East Chou were connected together. To emphasis the particularity of archaeological works, the exhibition connects studies of artifacts before and after its discovery, together with pictures of the tomb pits, it gives visitors a truthful representation of the genuine tombs. With professional researches, lively display and demonstration, the exhibition turns out to be a unique trip into history with various artifacts.


Historical documents and archaeological artifacts are the two major supports for new historical studies. The exhibition of the Institute starts from “Historical Space” on the second floor, where according to the type of the objects the place was divided into seven areas: Han Dynasty Wooden Slips from Edsen-gol, Rare Texts, The Archive of the Grand Secretariat, Artifacts from Ethnic Groups of Southwestern China, Rubbings, Taiwanese Archaeology and Special Exhibitions. Each area begins its demonstration from an introduction of how the artifacts were included into the Institute’s collection, and how much their value stands for academic researches.


Wheelchairs, handicap ramps, elevators


Chinese and English video

Collection database


Chinese/English/Japanese Language Guiding Kiosk

Photograph permission

Image authorization

To use images of the Museum’s exhibits, please apply by the Institute’s rules on the “License Application for Images of IHP Collections” website. 
Apply for image authorization

Photography permission

Photography is allowed in the exhibition hall, but the prior application permitted by the Institute is required for the following conditions:
  1. Using auxiliary equipment such as lash, light capturing equipment, tripods, or selfie sticks.
  2. Publishing the photography, including to post online.
  3. Making photography outside the museum opening hours.
Photography Application (Chinese)






The  Year 2024 Closing Schedule
Dec. 30th (Sat.) 2023 ~ Jan. 1st (Mon.) 2024
New Year Day Weekend
Jan. 13rd (Sat.)
Presidential and Legislative Election Day
Feb. 8th (Thur.) ~ 14th (Wed.)
Lunar New Year Holiday
Feb. 28th (Wed.) 
Peace Memorial Day 
Mar. 10th (Sun.)
Facility Maintenance
Apr. 4th (Thur.) ~ 7th (Sun.)
Children’s Day and Tomb Sweeping Day  Weekend
June 8th (Sat.) ~ 10th (Mon.)
Dragon Boat Festival Weekend
Sept. ?? (Sun.)
Facility Maintenance