This area demonstrates tomb M60 and horse-and-chariot pit M3 excavated at Hsin-ts’un, Chun-hsien, Honan. M60 is among the few tombs undisturbed by looters at this Western Chou cemetery. Inside the tomb, the burial space measures 2.85m in its length and 1.6m in its width, with only a single coffin. Though not many accompanying burial artifacts are presented, the sources of these artifacts are rather complicated. Among these artifacts, there are relatively larger numbers of weapons and horse-and-chariot fittings; consequently, the occupant of this tomb is thought to be a middle-ranking aristocracy. 
Pit M3 is the largest horse-and-chariot pit at the cemetery, which measures 10 m east-west by 9.1 m north-south. Many accompanying horse burials and exquisite chariot fittings are found inside the pit. This pit supposedly dates to the Middle and Late Western Chou periods (tenth-ninth century B.C.)